Several states are currently taking significant steps toward the adoption of uniform medication rules. The program requires that:

  • 1. Each jurisdiction implement a two-tier drug classification system: Controlled Therapeutic Medications and Prohibited Substances with regulatory thresholds and withdrawal guidelines provided for each of the controlled therapeutic medications

  • 2. Any administration of Furosemide on race day be administered solely by veterinarians designated by the local regulatory authority

  • 3. All equine drug-testing facilities earn accreditation that meets the recently enacted Racing Medication & Testing Consortium Code of Standards for Drug Testing Laboratories

  • 4. State racing commissions adopt the new RCI Penalty Guidelines for Multiple Medication Violations

Each state has its own legislative process for the adoption of regulations. Following is an informal "scorecard" tracking the progress of medication reform in a number of states. This information has been compiled from public announcements and official agendas from state racing commissions as well as media reports.